Power Boating


Boats bring family and friends together, or they can take you away from the entire world. A power boat lets you travel to some spectacular destinations, but the real joy is in the journey. Out on the water, a whole new world of experiences presents themselves to you and your crew. The look of exhilaration on a child’s face as they dive into the lake. The fiery sweep of a painted sky at sunset over a pristine, private cove. The thrill of riding out massive swells in open water of the great lakes or surfing the wake behind you. This is the magic that awaits you on the lakes, rivers and shores of Ontario.

Power boats range from personal watercraft, to large cruising vessels, ski boats, pontoon boats and house boats! Determining what boat is right for you and your family depends on where you live and the activities you plan to enjoy.

You may want to watch the the videos on this page for some inspiration, or visit Discover Boating to explore the different boats available. Getting started is easy – you can rent for a day or an afternoon and once you have the required training, you can charter and go further. 

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