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Boating Ontario Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


Boating Ontario Association - Code of Ethics

November 14, 2022


The Boating Ontario Association (BOA) requires all current and prospective new members to review our Code of Ethics (The Code) and click ‘I Agree’ before beginning your application. If you do not agree with our Code of Ethics, then please click ‘I do NOT agree’ to be redirected to our home page.

 Our Mission Statement is that Boating Ontario provides a foundation to ethically support and grow the recreational boating lifestyle while protecting the environment and enhancing the sustainability of our members. All BOA members are expected to abide by the Code of Ethics in all business interactions.

The Code is intended to foster positive and productive member interaction based on respect, cooperation, and accountability. The Code protects the industry, Boating Ontario and all BOA members while allowing for a process of response to unethical behaviours which may include disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.

Implicit in the code is the requirement that all Boating Ontario members fully comply with local, municipal, provincial, and federal laws.

BOA members shall always act in an ethical, respectful, honest, transparent and fair manner with staff, consumers and industry personnel.

BOA members shall, at all times, refrain from making any statement or conducting themselves in any manner which may bring discredit to BOA or other members of BOA.

BOA members shall support BOA and industry programs, networking opportunities and initiatives for increased education and professional development

BOA members shall not engage in false, unethical or misleading advertising, nor will they misrepresent a vessel, product or service

BOA members shall operate their business in an environmentally friendly manner as we are all Stewards of the water for our customers

BOA members shall actively engage in the promotion of safe boating practices

BOA members shall not discriminate against or harass any customer, employee or supplier on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.

BOA members shall provide expert advice that is accurate and truthful and will not disparage others in the industry

BOA members shall strive to exceed consumer expectations and address all warranty claims and consumer complaints promptly and in good faith

BOA members shall treat all regulatory personnel with respect

BOA members shall share the Code of Ethics openly with their teams

Boating Ontario members found to be in violation of the Code of Ethics risk the possibility of having all membership privileges revoked through a process overseen by the current Association’s Board of Directors.