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Renting a Boat

You Don't Need to Own a Boat to be a Boater!

Before you’re ready to buy your own boat, you can rent or charter boats of every size and type, for an afternoon, a weekend or even an entire summer! This way you can see which type of vessel and boating experience best suits your lifestyle before you buy.


Looking to rent a boat?

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Boat rentals are typically short term. Most rental boats are small and easy to operate such as outboard powerboats, personal watercraft, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards.

Although strongly recommended, Transport Canada does not require a Pleasure Craft Operating Card (PCOC) for boat rentals. Each rental operator has their own competency requirements and will provide onboard and dockside safety training. This ensures that rentals are accessible to everyone and remain an easy, fun way to get on the water and start boating!


 Boat Clubs

Picture a country club, but for boating! Boat clubs allow for boating without owning; enjoy the use of a boat without the expenses of upkeep and ownership. This option is an affordable way to dip your toe in the water and determine if the boating lifestyle is one that suits you!


Chartering a Boat

Chartering a vessel is more advanced than an afternoon rental. Chartered boats are typically larger and demand some level of training and experience to operate. People who charter a boat are expected to have their PCOC plus additional training and experience as determined by the charter company. Make sure you clarify their expectations before you book as most will ask you to demonstrate your competency and provide proof of training or your hours on board.


More Boating Options

There are also opportunities for shared ownership on larger vessels. There are many ways to get you on the water, and Boating Ontario can help you explore which works best for you!