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Who Are The Boating Ontario Members?

Boating Ontario is a network of qualified professionals who share their knowledge, insight, and assistance to every kind of boater and marine business, from a first-timer to a seasoned tour operator. 

We offer counsel on business and governance issues, as well as representing and advocating on behalf of the boating industry to all levels of government.  We provide unbiased information from experts who live and work boating every day.

We are the go-to resource to learn about what it means to be a boater in Ontario.  We help create connections, partnerships and friendships between boaters and across the marine industry. 

As a collection of voices, we speak openly and loudly to regulatory bodies on any issue that touches the world of boating in Ontario.

If you’re a boater, we hope you’ll join our community and stay connected.

If you work in recreational boating, we invite your business to become a member and add your voice to our industry.

Join Boating Ontario

Become a part of Boating Ontario and gain access to essential regulatory support, timely information, expert advice, and direction. Benefit from practical, cost-saving programs designed to enhance every aspect of your business.