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Boating Ontario Association Membership

Annual Membership Fee is $649.00 plus applicable taxes.


Boating Ontario members are defined as COMPANIES whose core business income is generated from retail operations of a marina and/or recreational boat sales repairs and/or consumer services directly to the general boating public in Ontario. Additionally, our trade members provide supplies or services to the recreational marine industry in Ontario.

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Interested in joining the Boating Ontario Association?

Applications will require payment upfront for membership dues; payment of dues does not constitute acceptance as a Boating Ontario member. Only established businesses that serve Ontario’s recreational boating community should apply – your business website link must be provided with your application. Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, you will be contacted to obtain additional information. If your application is declined, your membership dues will be refunded in full. 


CA$649.00 / Year
Annual Membership