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Clean Marine Program

Protecting Ontario’s Waterways for over 20 years

The Ontario-developed Clean Marine Eco-Rating Program is an environmental program that allows marine businesses to follow best environmental practices to reduce and prevent water, air and land pollution associated with recreational boating activities in Ontario.  

Since the program’s inception in 1995, over 300 businesses have participated, easily making the program the most successful and widely adopted. It is the world’s leading environmental “Best Management Practices” program for marinas, boat dealers, yacht clubs and marine businesses.

Marinas voluntarily join the program to participate in a 220-point assessment. Scores from the assessment are converted into an Eco-Rating system from one to five Green Anchors, with Gold, Diamond, and Platinum as the highest achievements. Re-assessments are mandatory every four years with self-assessments conducted annually.

Clean Marine Program Eco-Rated Marinas proudly fly the Clean Marine environmental flag. As a boater, this is your assurance that the marina has adopted the highest environmental standards for marinas in the world.

Check out our marina directory for the closest clean marine facility near you. 

To become an environmental leader with your marine business, join Clean Marine today