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Getting your Licence

An Enjoyable Boating Experience Begins With Taking a Course

Boating is most enjoyable when you’re well-trained and confident in your knowledge & skills. Depending on the type of boating you enjoy, and the level of difficulty you intend to embrace, there are many courses available from basic through advanced training to coastal navigation, anchoring, and docking.


⇒ Start With Your Pleasure Craft Operators Card

A Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) is your Transport Canada (TC) accredited proof of basic competency to operate a power-driven vessel of any size in Canada. It is also the first step in your journey to becoming a confident boater.

Boating Ontario also recommends additional training for anyone who plans to spend more than a few hours out boating.

You can get your PCOC by taking an in-person or online course and successfully completing the exam. The card is good for life and is enforceable. If you’re out on the water, make sure you keep it handy as you can be pulled over and asked for it by law enforcement or volunteer officers.

If you are renting a boat for a short period of time, a PCOC is not required by Transport Canada although it is recommended. Rental companies are equipped with a TC safety checklist, which they’ll walk customers through before heading out.

For more information on the Pleasure Craft Operators Card - check out Transport Canada's FAQ’s.

Boating Ontario is proud to work with several members who offer PCOC training.

In addition to our Affiliate Program Partner – My Boat Card the following members also support this great training; 

We encourage all boaters to take their training before heading to the water

To find a Transport Canada accredited course provider,  click here.


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Your boating license, also known as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, never expires and is valid throughout Canada.


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⇒ What Other Boating Courses Are There?

In addition to your PCOC, additional training is highly recommended for all boaters. Courses are available at these schools in Ontario and include hands-on training and classroom instruction on everything from how to skipper or crew a boat, operating a marine radio, how to dock, trailer, anchor etc.

Training programs are available from the most basic skill level up to Yacht Master Certification and, as each school calls their courses by a different name, we recommend you contact a course provider to learn more.

Looking to take a boating course?
Search the Boating Ontario Member Directory 
for Ontario marine businesses in your boating area. 

Lost your card?

If you lost your card but remember the organization you took the test through, contact them directly to obtain a replacement card.

If you are unsure of the organization you took the test though, or if you have any questions regarding your PCOC, please contact the Boating Safety Infoline at

1 (800) 267-6687