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Looking for a way to disconnect from the stress of daily life? 

Boating can take you places you could never imagine.  In Ontario, the waterways alone are made up of 250,000 lakes and rivers providing the best freshwater cruising in the world.  Whether you are just starting out in boating or you have spent years exploring the waterways, there is always something for everyone. 

The best part? Boating allows you to disconnect from the everyday hustle and reconnect with more important aspects of life, family, nature and health.

With a seemingly endless supply of lakes, rivers & waterways within Canada, it is no wonder that over 15 million Canadians participate in boating each year.  Now is the time for you to experience and create memories that will last a lifetime out on the water.  Boating is truly an unforgettable experience, opening up participants to breathtaking nature, relaxation and invaluable time with family and friends disconnected from every day life.

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Are you new to boating? Or just looking to create memories on the water, but not quite at the point of ownership? Boat rentals and boat clubs are a great way to "test the waters", easily and affordably.

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Boat Safely from Port to Port

If you’re a boater in Canada, you will want to download the free "Discover Boating Safety" app.


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The Discover Boating Safety app is a ‘must have’. It takes care of all your safe boating needs before you leave shore. Best of all, the majority of this content is available on your phone whether or not you have cell or internet access.

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Pick from the incredible destinations that Ontario has to offer that promise an unforgettable experience that you will never forget. 

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Discover Boating is a national public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry. Discover Boating programs focus on increasing participation and creating interest in recreational boating by demonstrating the benefits, affordability and accessibility of the boating lifestyle. Discover Boating seeks to educate potential boaters and offer opportunities to experience the fun and togetherness of being on the water in a boat.

Each year over ten million people in Canada enjoy boating, the recreational activity that "connects like no other".


Boating Ontario proudly represents over 500 member companies throughout the province of Ontario including private & municipal marina operators, boat dealers, brokers and suppliers in Ontario’s diverse recreational boating industry.  Boating Ontario, through collaboration and partnerships provides all of our members with critical and regulatory support for all aspects of their business through information, advice, direction as well as practical money saving programs.  Ultimately our goal is to collaboratively increase the recreational boating market and promote the lifestyle enjoyed by those already involved in the industry