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About MD Marine Insurance

The experience and expertise required to be a successful boat-only insurance company is not readily available from a general insurance company that sells boat insurance in addition to home and auto policies.

In fact, it’s a specialized team of agents, brokers and support staff that you need. People who have been there…a lot. People with the experience and responsiveness to keep things moving forward when you make a claim. And people who are dedicated to making sure that you come through it all with a good-as-new boat and a positive feeling about the process.

With nearly a century of experience in marine insurance, you can be sure that nobody knows how to build you the right policy and move you through the claims process better, faster or easier than we do. With our industry knowledge, we have more satisfied clients giving us great referrals. Meaning, we’ve earned one of the best reputations in the marine insurance industry.
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Marine Insurance 

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  • Sylvain Tisi

  • Jennifer Eaton

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  • Jamie Mitchell

  • Jordyn Morin

  • Mark Eastcott

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