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About Hutchings Marine Products Ltd.

Hutchings Marine Products Ltd., Since 1972.

Having grown from only 3 employees to 15 full time staff, the Hutchings team works very hard at providing the right products, processing the orders, and shipping them out, in most cases, all in the same day.

The original 10 page catalogue is now over 750 pages with more than 10,000 items offering you a wide range of products to choose from.

We take pride in giving you quality products, customer service beyond all others and the assurance that your interest is our number one priority.

Orders are taken 24/7 online and fax; or you can contact us by phone during regular office hours. Personal delivery runs are provided during your peak season and for our special programs. Warranty issues are settled quickly and efficiently.

Primary Company Location
1594 Winhara Road
P1P 1R1

Member Employees

  • Scott Crichton

  • Brad Crichton

  • Pam Champ

Company Contact

Pam Champ