Lobbying to Launch - Press Release

The Boating Ontario Association continues to work tirelessly on behalf of Ontario’s marine industry and specifically in regard to current marina closures that restrict our ability to launch storage boats or deliver sold boats.

We understand this is a conflicting time for the boating public as many families view boating as a practical way to social distance. We also respect that we all have a role to play in stopping the spread.

With approximately 95% of boating activities in Ontario taking place in June, July, August, September & October, the season is far from lost. Boating Ontario is lobbying on behalf of our members to initiate two phases of return-to-boating. These phases have been presented to the Provincial government and are as follows:

“Phase 1 – We ask that you grant us permission to do the following; with our facilities and retail showrooms in a ‘Closed to the general public’ environment and our staff operating under Social Distancing protocols; launch boats at marinas (disable vessels at docks), deliver sold boats in a ‘touchless’ process, service boats and provide home delivery or curbside touchless parts pick up. We would continue to provide all other services as outlined in the current essential list for primary residence boaters, enforcement, contractors, and services. Requested for May 1st

Phase 2 – We ask that when deemed appropriate by the province we be able to return to more ‘Open for business’ full operations under new Social Distancing protocols. We would offer to be your conduit to communicating Best Practices for Social Distancing at marinas and recreational boating workplaces. Requested for May 15th

Once our requests have been approved, we will move quickly to get the boats ready. Until then, following the ‘Stay Home’ recommendations of the Provincial government, we are encouraging all boaters to stay off the water, limiting the need for emergency personnel interaction & keeping everyone safe in the process.

Boaters are known for being a friendly bunch, and your positive attitude throughout these last few weeks and moving forward is warmly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you on the water in the summer of 2020!


About Boating Ontario

Boating Ontario proudly represents over 500 member companies throughout the province of Ontario including private & municipal marina operators, boat dealers, brokers, and suppliers in Ontario’s diverse recreational boating industry. Boating Ontario, through collaboration and partnerships, provide all our members with critical and regulatory support for all aspects of their business through information, advice, direction as well as practical money-saving programs. Ultimately our goal is to collaboratively increase the recreational boating market and promote the lifestyle enjoyed by those already involved in the industry. For more information, visit www.boatingontario.ca or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.